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About Us

Michaela Foods & Beverages Limited was registered in April 2016. Under the Michaela’s Oven brand, the Company has redefined baking, bringing joy from our oven to your table with amazing cakes, breads, pastries, cookies and desserts.

Our name has become synonymous with delectable desserts, our legendary fruitcake is addictive, our proprietary Birthday@School package delights parents and children alike, and our carefully developed special diet range caters for gluten free, sugar free, eggless, vegan, dairy free and similar dietary restrictions.

Though formally founded in April 2016, the company traces its true origins way back to 1984, when its founder, then aged 14, started baking for pocket money while at high school. A year later, aged 15, she was baptized Catholic and took on the name Michaela. Sophie Michaela Nkuutu has not stopped baking since age 14. Despite a stellar corporate career in accounting, finance and banking, her love for baking never wavered until, in 2016, she started baking commercially.

Driven by a deep passion for baking, an obsession with the quality and integrity of the product, and fueled by the smiles of those who enjoy the product, Sophie works closely with the great team at Michaela’s to build the bakery brand of choice for the discerning customer.