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Products & Services

In keeping with our value of innovation, and the habit of continuous improvement, we keep up with changing demands and emerging trends through continuous research, product testing and development.

We partner with carefully selected suppliers of complimentary, made in Uganda products such as teas, coffees, honey and others.

From Valentines to engagements, introductions to bridal showers, weddings to baby showers, baptisms to birthdays, confirmations to school celebrations, graduations to reunions, corporate events to end of year celebrations, Christmas to Easter for your every celebration, we have the perfect cake to crown it all off!

Our bread range includes white and brown bread, sweet and salt bread, fruit plaits, tea breads, cinnamon rolls, buns, dinner rolls, burger buns and French bread. We bake in small batches for that lovely home-baked feel.

Do you run a school, hospital, cafeteria, restaurant, hotel and catering service? We have the freshly baked products to serve your customers.

For something a little richer, we have mouthwatering pastries, both sweet and savory.

Our delightful range of cookies – from ginger to butter, rainbow to vanilla, gluten and sugar free, plain and decorated, we have something for everyone. Low in sugar, just the right amount of crunch, our cookies are a must-have tea-time treat. The button cookies are the ideal sharing pack for the whole family or office.

How many times have you seen a lovely buffet, only to find some cut fruits for dessert? Switch things up with an array of scrumptious desserts, beautifully presented, to treat your guests to something truly special.

We cater for a wide range of food intolerances or special dietary requirements. Eggless? Sugar free? Gluten free? Dairy free? Nut allergy? Don’t miss out! We have the products for you.